"This¬†4-step framework focused on the fundamentals¬†of instructional design will¬†give you all the tools you need to succeed ‚Äď whether you're¬†new¬†to the field¬†or¬†looking to advance¬†your skills."

‚ÄďCrystal Harper, Instructional Design & eLearning Consultant, Mentor, and Trainer

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Are you interested in pursuing a career in instructional design, or simply looking to improve your instructional design skills? Look no further than this comprehensive guide to the fundamentals of instructional design and a career in the field! 

This free resource covers everything you need to know about instructional design, including roles, skills, salaries, job opportunities, and the differences between corporate training and education. You'll also learn about the history and evolution of instructional design, how to gain experience, and how to build your portfolio. Take your skills to the next level by learning about the latest trends, models, theories, and business management for instructional designers. Sign up for this free course now to become a top-notch instructional designer!

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