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Teachers new to online create engaging eLearning courses using easy to follow step-by-step processes.

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Are you a teacher who is new to online learning?

I want to tell you a little bit about how I fell into this career..

My journey into eLearning and has been quite the experience and I wouldn't change it for the world.

Throughout this journey, I discovered a true passion - creating online instruction.

After teaching for 6 years, I decided to  return to school and get my master’s degree in eLearning and instructional design.

In the beginning of my graduate program, I remember one of my very first assignments I had to embed a video into a discussion board and it took me HOURS to figure out.

I started to wonder if I had made the right decision. But I kept moving forward - taking it step by step.

As time went on and I started to really GET IT, I began feeling the confidence that it was possible for me to succeed.

I began to realize throughout the duration of my studies that if you are truly passionate about something, then ANYTHING is possible.

Creating content online can be extremely difficult in the beginning. I've been there.

But it IS possible to overcome the obstacles and feel truly confident in your skills.

I ended up graduating from my master's degree program on the President's List, interned for the director of the program, and landed a successful online teaching job even before finishing with my degree.

Shortly after, I decided to create the eLearning and Instructional Design for Beginners Community.

I've now helped dozens and dozens of other teachers learn the skills to effectively teaching online.

It has become my goal to show teachers who are wishing to transition into eLearning that they can create effective and engaging online courses without ANY prior knowledge online.

Where ever you are at in your journey, I can help you get to that next step

I would love the chance to share my passion with you so that you can learn all of the steps to transitioning to eLearning!

– Crystal


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