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I believe that success comes from living a life of your own design; and that your instructional design career and business should support that life, not the other way around.

My mission is to empower instructional designers, eLearning developers, and other professionals in the L&D industry with the ability to leverage their careers as a vehicle for freedom, flexibility, and fulfillment.
My plan is for eLearning & Instructional Design for Beginners Community to be the number one resource for proven, practical training and support for building and growing a successful instructional freelance design career and freelance business.


With a combined 10+ years in the education and learning and development industry, I've been privileged to help hundreds of new and aspiring instructional designers, freelancers, and eLearning developers succeed in their instructional design careers and online course development skills, covering a diverse range of topics.

From teachers interested in transitioning to corporate instructional design...

...novice instructional designers wishing to start their own freelancing business... experienced instructional designers looking for upskilling and networking opportunities...

I have a proven track record of helping amazing people achieve fantastic results with their instructional design careers and businesses.

In 2019, I decided to take all of my knowledge and experience and create eLearning & Instructional Design for Beginners Community so that I could help instructional designers and freelance business owners just like you achieve success with your career and business on a global scale. The Community quickly became my full-time business, and I’ve helped hundreds of people start and build their instructional design careers. And I seriously love spending my days supporting my members! 

I'm Here to Help You... 

The eLearning & Instructional Design for Beginners Community will provide you with all the tools and resources you need to succeed in your instructional design career, defeat those obstacles that have held you back, take action on your learning steps to succeed, and change your future!

Wherever you are in your instructional design journey, I can help you get to that next step.

I also know that instructional design and running your own business can be scary, frustrating, and overwhelming…

Especially when you are just starting out. That’s okay…

It's not your fault if you're struggling...

There's a lot of confusing and bad information on the Internet.

You could spend days, weeks, (or like me in the beginning) MONTHS searching for quality information…

When really, all you want is your questions answered about your instructional design career...

...And to build a profitable business that you love!

That’s the mission of eLearning & Instructional Design for Beginners Community... answer every question you have, so you can courageously take the next steps, get rid of your frustrations, and stop the overwhelm that you're feeling in your instructional design career and freelancing journey…

At the end of the day, you need those answers to take your next steps, and succeed in the field!

Let's become successful instructional designers, together!

-Crystal, M.Ed. eLearning Instructional Design

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