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Interview with Rivka Rosenberg

In this interview, Rivka Rosenberg, an e-learning foreign language and online marketing specialist, shares her inspiration for entering e-learning and instructional design. She attributes it to her background in education and taking courses in language learning that used technology and different activities to make the courses fun and engaging.

Rivka’s typical day consists of creating courses and researching learning management systems and technology. She also trains teachers in English and virtual reality for language teaching and entrepreneurship education. At night, she works on curriculum development on a virtual reality platform for a chain of schools in Australia called VR Bella.

Being a member of the World Environmental Solutions team, Rivka takes part in educating individuals about their eco-friendly method for cattle feed, which effectively lessens methane emissions. She specifically focuses on educating users on the implementation of this green process for their own cattle. Through social media, Rivka and her colleagues were able to connect, and she strongly recommends LinkedIn and Instagram as valuable tools for networking and discovering new prospects.

She emphasizes the importance of LinkedIn for connecting with other instructional designers and learning from them. She notes that solving problems through education is a way of inspiring people to change their set of minds or the way they do things.