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Interview with Danielle Oser

Meet Danielle, an accomplished instructional designer whose journey in the field began with converting on-ground classes to online courses. Her diverse background in visual communication, adult learning, and digital media gives her a unique perspective and approach to the world of instructional design. With no two days alike, Danielle enjoys the challenge of deciding what content to include or omit when creating online courses.

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the education industry, but Danielle remained adaptable and coped with the changes. She shares valuable tips for effective time management and believes that learning anything is possible with the right mindset. Embracing imperfection and constantly improving are also key motivators for her.

As a member of the Public Relations Association and an accredited PR professional, Danielle highlights the importance of communication and persuasion in the instructional design field. Her dedication to creating top-notch online learning experiences is a testament to her passion for her craft. Join us as we delve deeper into Danielle's insightful journey in the world of instructional design.