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Kim Tuohy Shares Secrets to Successful ID Freelancing Part II

In the latest podcast episode, we continue the conversation with Kim Tuohy, the visionary founder of Belvista Studios, an innovative instructional design and eLearning studio. Kim and her team use a human-centered approach to aid organizations in developing their employees for the future. During the podcast, Kim shared insights about her childhood dreams of owning a business and emphasized the importance of recognizing early signs of one's true calling.

She encourages those considering a career change or embarking on their own journey to explore their interests and passions from childhood. Kim's interest in instructional design and eLearning ignited her business venture as it aligns perfectly with her skills and interests. Running a successful instructional design business requires consistency and a proactive mindset. She stresses the importance of spending time each day on business-building activities from promoting one's services on platforms like LinkedIn to nurturing relationships with previous clients or creating content like blog posts or YouTube videos.

Building strong relationships within the industry is significant because instructional design often relies on word-of-mouth referrals and personal connections. Kim places great importance on storyboarding as part of instructional design as it allows designers to pause, plan and ensure solutions solve the right problems, align with learner needs and goals and simplify complex information. Storyboarding helps designers stay accountable and remain focused on the important elements that drive effective learning experiences.

For Kim, the most satisfying aspect of a career in instructional design and eLearning is the alignment of her passion for solving problems and fostering creativity with her daily work. She advises those interested in entering this field to design their ultimate life, envision how they want to live and work and plan accordingly.