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How to Analyze Instructional Goals Like a Pro

When designing elearning courses, clear goals and learning objectives are vital for effective instruction.

This episode focuses on the significance of well-defined goals and learning objectives in elearning courses. It outlines the process of goal analysis through classifying the goal, identifying major steps, and elaborating on the task. Different approaches are discussed, such as content-based, stepwise, and elaboration analysis, along with their benefits in shaping instructional strategies.


Essential Learning Points:

  • Clear goals and learning objectives are essential in elearning for effective instruction.
  • Goal analysis involves classifying, sequencing major steps, and elaborating on the task.
  • Content-based, stepwise, and elaboration approaches offer distinct perspectives for goal analysis.
  • Start with the simplest task representation and progressively move to more complex versions.
  • Proper goal analysis aids in designing focused instructional units and determining learning objectives. 


Key Quotes:

"Clear goals and objectives form the backbone of successful elearning courses."

"Goal analysis, whether content-based or elaborative, paves the way for effective instruction."

"Progressive complexity in task representation enhances learners' holistic understanding and motivation."

"Remember, a well-analyzed goal guides the path to well-crafted learning objectives."



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