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Tips on Designing Assessments

Have you ever wondered about the strategic intricacies behind designing an effective eLearning course?

In this episode, let’s unravel the key steps to a successful eLearning course, focusing on the often overlooked but critical aspect of assessments. Explore how these elements contribute to a seamless and impactful eLearning experience.

Essential Learning Points:

  • Why is it crucial to consider course goals during the assessment design process?
  • What factors should designers consider when determining learner assessment methods?
  • Why is assessment considered a shared responsibility among learners, instructors, and peers?
  • Why is it important to have specific objectives for both the entire course and each module or unit during the assessment design process?

Key Quotes:

  • "Assessments should be designed considering the goals of the course and information gathered in goal and learner analysis, aligned with written learning objectives.”
  • Assess skills in a context as close to the performance setting as possible, using clear, well-written questions without intentionally complicating or misleading aspects.”
  • "Consider the goals of instruction when designing assessments, using performance objectives created during the analysis phase to create effective assessments.”

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