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What are Formative Assessments?

Imagine a learning environment where every click, every answer, and every insight fuels your progress—welcome to the world of formative assessments, where learning is not just a destination but a continuous evolution.

In this week’s episode, we’ll understand how these assessments serve as essential compasses, guiding learners and instructors alike through the intricate terrain of education. Discover strategies for how formative assessments are shaping the future of learning by fostering continuous improvement and tailored educational experiences.


Essential Learning Points:

  • The purpose of formative assessments in e-learning
  • What is the purpose of goal checks in formative assessment?
  • The importance of customizing content based on student progress in formative assessment
  • What are some types of questions used in different formative assessments?


Key Quotes:

  • “Formative assessments help you track learner progress throughout the duration of a course and offer learners feedback to improve their e-learning experience.”
  • “Successful completion of formative assessments provides feedback on knowledge gained, skills developed, and areas needing further development.”
  • “Formative assessment provides opportunities for learners to identify areas of improvement and expand knowledge with timely feedback.”
  • “Implementing effective formative assessments is crucial for delivering a better e-learning course, and learners should be encouraged to apply these practices.”


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