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Top 7 In-Demand Skills of a Successful Instructional Designer

Are you breaking into the instructional design industry or looking to advance, yet unsure about the essential skills needed for success?

In this week’s episode, discover the key skills that pave the way to success in instructional design. Acquire the skills you need without trial and error.

Essential Learning Points:

  • What creative skills can set instructional designers apart in their field?
  • Why is the ability to work well with various individuals crucial for instructional designers?
  • What project management skills are particularly beneficial for instructional designers?
  • How can instructional designers ensure they match client expectations when working on a project?

Key Quotes:

  • "You should keep in mind that when choosing to become a new or improved instructional designer, there are a few skills that every person should know.”
  • "Instructional designers aren't required to have experience in training or in education, but it can be quite beneficial for you if you do.”
  • "A good instructional designer should be able to stand in front of or pre-empt questions and apprehensions from learners based on predicted reactions.”
  • “It can be super beneficial if you have common project management skills such as negotiation and leadership.”

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