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5 Steps To Implement Scenario-Based Learning

Are you struggling to select activities that truly cater to your students' realistic needs in e-learning courses?

In this week’s episode, gain a comprehensive understanding of scenario-based learning in e-learning contexts. Learn the process of creating effective scenario-based learning activities, from analyzing learners and setting learning objectives to designing engaging scenarios and providing instructional feedback.

Essential Learning Points:

  • How can scenario-based learning improve learner engagement?
  • The essential steps in applying scenario-based e-learning
  • Why is it important for scenarios to mirror learning objectives?
  • Types of scenarios that can be used in e-learning

Key Quotes:

  • "Scenario-based learning is an excellent instructional strategy that can help improve learner engagement, immersing the learners in real-life or situational experiences.”
  • "A well-designed e-learning scenario will challenge students to the degree in which they can expand their knowledge without overwhelming them.”
  • "A scenario in an e-learning course is essentially a story. It has a plot, characters, and a problem that the learners need to resolve.”
  • “Scenarios need to be as realistic as possible, while still providing students with the necessary information that they need to accomplish the learning objectives.”
  • "Choices should not be obvious. And lastly, each choice generates a consequence.”

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