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Teacher to Instructional Designer: 12 Transferable Skills to Leverage Your Career Change

In this week's podcast episode, you'll learn why transitioning from teacher to instructional designer is a great fit for teachers, and a list of 12 transferrable skills they commonly possess.


Essential Learning Points:

  • Numerous real-life experiences and instructional design skills are hardwired into a teacher’s brain from the time they start their teaching programs

  • In general, teachers are more likely to get creative with their ideas, incorporate problem-solving and real-life scenarios, and generally bring more variety to the standard knowledge check


Key Quotes:

"Teachers understand Instructional Design. They may not be familiar with instructional design or instructional design language, but they will quickly discover they have been using it all along."

"Instructional designers are CONSTANTLY learning. Teachers are lifelong learners, so they're usually up for this sort of challenge."


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