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How to Start and Grow a Freelance Instructional Design Career

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  • As an instructional designer, you have the opportunity to create innovative and engaging learning experiences for a variety of clients and learners. But if you're tired of working for someone else, limited by a fixed salary or lack of creative freedom, and dreaming of a flexible and fulfilling career, then freelance instructional design might be the answer.


  • The good news is, we have a community that is specifically designed to help you achieve your goals in the freelance instructional design world. Whether you are a current instructional designer looking to transition to freelance work or someone who wants to start from scratch, this program will equip you with all the tools, knowledge, and support you need to succeed.


  • With this, you will have access to step-by-step guidance on how to start, build, and grow a successful freelance instructional design career. From setting up your business, building a portfolio, to finding and retaining clients, you'll have everything you need to build a successful career in instructional design.


  • But it's not just about the technicalities of starting a freelance business. The program will also help you develop the mindset and habits necessary to thrive as a freelancer. You'll learn how to stay motivated, disciplined, and productive while working on your own, as well as how to manage your time effectively and set achievable goals.


  • Most importantly, this program is designed to be practical and actionable. You won't just be learning theory or hypothetical scenarios. You'll be given real-world examples, case studies, and assignments that will help you apply what you've learned to your own freelance instructional design business.






Hey, everyone, I have a really big announcement. And it's going to be bittersweet things are going to be changing for this podcast. But don't worry if we're still going to be sticking around. But we have decided to switch gears a little bit. For multiple reasons. I've spent so much focus on helping people start careers and instructional design. And through the process of building my own instructional design business, I really learned to love my business and love marketing, just love growing my business, I love everything that entails building a business. And since we've started, I have received so many questions, people asking how to start their website, how to start their own freelance business, or just in general, how to get started on their own and become their own boss. So with all that being said, I've really wanted to make a decision that I want to start helping more people with becoming freelance instructional designers. And I've decided that I'm going to be creating something completely new that I'm just about to tell you about. But I'm also going to be having a free podcast that's going to be along with it. So I'm going to play an announcement for you, a pre-recorded announcement that tells you all about this new program that I'm going to be starting. But along with it, I'm going to be having an accompanying free podcast that goes right along with all the topics that are going to be discussed with this really big announcement that I'm about to tell you. So here it is. I'm super excited to tell you all about a program that I've been working on for instructional designers who want to start, build and grow their own freelance instructional design business, and it's called the eLearning & ID for Beginners Community. The community is going to help you with building an instructional design business that you love, and generates predictable recurring income and finally gives you the freedom and lifestyle that you want. instructional designers need the ability to choose their own clients and projects. That's what having your own business and instructional design is all about. If you want flexibility and the ability to grow your own skills, this is also a perfect program for teachers who are trying to leave the traditional classroom and want to finally become their own boss. Finally get to enjoy the reasons why many people go into teaching the creative aspect. Enjoy a career where you can spend time creating things and less classroom management, and grading. You'll learn how to build a good professional network of diverse professions. Do you want to facilitate a good work life balance while meeting your financial targets, become more profitable with more predictable income streams, attract and help mission driven businesses achieve their goals.

Finally, get to grips with the tools you need to learn while building stunning and memorable portfolio projects that align with your niche and what you actually want to do. Understand what clients are actually looking for, and how to adapt your portfolio and CV or resume accordingly. To attract the clients that you want. And the projects that you actually enjoy working on. I'm going to help you eliminate the guesswork by giving you a step by step roadmap to follow. You're going to be tapping into the collective knowledge and experience of a community of freelance instructional designers and experts who are there to support each other. My plan is to create the most practical and comprehensive program to help you plan to start and grow a successful freelance instructional design business. This is not going to be about learning a bunch of tired theories. When you've completed the IeLearning & ID for Beginners Community roadmap. You will have fully completed your instructional design portfolio and website that has

have everything in place to achieve real long term success. You'll also learn all the marketing strategies, everything about how to set up your business, so that you find the clients and projects that you actually want. I'm going to provide you with all the resources I can to help you implement what you learn and make growing your business, finding clients, managing your projects, and all of your instructional design business tasks as easy as possible. So if you're ready to take your freelance instructional design career and business to the next level, then be sure to join the waitlist for the community to be the first to find out when it's open, and also get the best possible price. All right. So that's it. I hope you guys are just as excited as I am about all this. Because it's going to be amazing. If you don't believe me yet, just stay tuned, I'm going to keep releasing new updates. But you need to sign up for our new podcast, which is going to be released on Tuesday, July 19. So be sure to subscribe. So I want to give you a sneak peek on some of the exciting podcast episodes that I already have planned ahead. Some of the topics that we'll be discussing include how to find your freelance instructional design job, things to consider when choosing your freelance website, top freelance Instructional Designer software tools, reviews, productivity tips and goal setting for setting your career up for success. Why hiring agencies and clients aren't hiring you instructional designer qualifications, why you should niche down and your instructional design

questions that you should ask the subject matter expert, and much more. We're going to be having weekly new episodes rolling out. And that's just some of the topics that we have planned out for the podcast in the coming months. So be sure to subscribe to this brand new podcast. And with that being said, the elearning and instructional design for beginners podcast will continue to release episodes that are specifically related to instructional design, and the course creation aspects of being an instructional designer. But I'm going to be releasing episodes on a slightly less frequency due to the fact that I will be having another podcast. So it's going to be more on a biweekly or monthly basis. But we will still be around. So as you might have noticed most of the episodes from the elearning and instructional design for beginners podcast have been pre recorded media from a variety of different content materials that I originally created for something else that wasn't for the podcast. But I actually took the clips and thought that they could be turned into great podcast episodes, and the podcast has really grown way more than I ever thought it would. And it's crazy to me the fact that most of the episodes were all pre recorded pieces of content. So it really just goes to show me how powerful podcasting can be. And I really enjoy doing it. So I'm excited about the plans that I have for this new podcast, and actually recording the episodes correctly and effectively and appropriately. And starting this podcast the way a podcast should be started in ran. So I'm really excited about it, I hope that you subscribe to it and get as much out of it as I am putting into it. But that's about it for the plans right now. But I also wanted to tell you guys, I also got this really cool idea, I'm going to be adding free monthly worksheets or cheat sheets to go along with the monthly theme to podcasts for the new podcasts that we'll be releasing on Tuesday. So that the monthly theme thing is actually something that you'll have to wait and learn more about. But that's something that I'm really excited about. And so be sure to subscribe to the podcast. I can't wait for you to hear the very first episode of our very new podcast and hope that you join our waitlist for the eLearning & ID for Beginners Community. If you have not already, be sure to do so. Oh, and there's also another big thing I gotta tell you guys about. So in celebration of the eLearning & ID for Beginners Community being released, I'm going to be doing something really cool to help just a few people become lifetime members completely free to the eLearning & ID for Beginners Community. So the eLearning & ID for Beginners Community  is going to help you build a freelance instructional design career that you love that generates predictable recurring income and finally gives you the free

Freedom and lifestyle that you want. So to get free lifetime access to the eLearning & ID for Beginners Community, you need to enter the grand opening video contest by August 26 2022. For your chance to win a lifetime membership to the eLearning & ID for Beginners Community plus free tools to help you succeed in your freelance instructional design career. To enter the contest, go to E teach I'll give you a little bit of details real quick, what you're going to need to do is record a three to five minute video answering the following questions. Number one a bit about you. What's your background? Why do you want to succeed and your freelance instructional design career in business? Why do you want this? What truly motivates you to want this new career? And number two? What will this success do for you? What impact will it make? What difference will it make for you, your career, your family and your community? Why is it a solution? And number three, what support do you have? What have you done that prepared you so far? What else do you need to be successful? What might hold you back from your success? And how do you plan to overcome those obstacles? So you need to try your best to answer those three questions as briefly as possible. Your goal is to show the audience that you deserve to win. So first place winner will receive a lifetime membership to the eLearning & ID for Beginners Community, opening September 5, a one year membership to time crafting trust, productivity assist community, which is an over $500 value. It's amazing. You'll hear more details about that on the details page, and a one year subscription to Canva Pro which is $120 value. And if you don't know Canva Pro, it's an amazing program that will help you design all your graphic design asset needs. Okay, and then the second place winner will receive a one year membership to the eLearning & ID for Beginners Community. And then the third place winner will receive a three month free membership to the eLearning & ID for Beginners Community. So to enter the contest, go to www dot e teach And also you'll get more details there. So maybe you're a teacher trying to transition to instructional design, and you just don't know where to start. Maybe you're tired of spending countless hours trying to build your portfolio or you're just not able to stay on top of the seemingly never ending to do list. All you have to do is answer the questions for your chance to get all the tools, steps and resources you need to build an instructional design career and freelance business that you love. A career that generates predictable recurring income and finally gives you the freedom and lifestyle that you want. The eLearning & ID for Beginners Community is a hands-on training program on all aspects of planning, building, starting and growing a successful instructional design, career and business. Plus the community support you need to ensure you achieve your full potential.

But before we open the doors to the program, I want you to feel like you're a part of this too. I want others to root for you and your career. So be sure to submit your video for your chance to get a free membership to the program and more. Go to www dot each teach The eLearning & ID for Beginners Community is going to help you build a freelance instructional design career that you love that generates predictable recurring income and finally gives you the freedom and lifestyle that you want. And also you need to join the waitlist to stay updated on the eLearning & ID for Beginners Community. So go to Teach plan dash waitlist. That's www dot e teach plan, dash waitlist and all of those links will be listed in the show notes below this episode. Thanks so much for listening. I can't wait to see you at the eLearning & ID for Beginners Community and be sure to submit your videos and sign up for the waitlist


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