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How to Build an ID Portfolio

Are you interested in breaking into the field of instructional design but don't know where to start? Look no further than this workshop! Designed specifically for beginners, this workshop provides a step-by-step process to build an instructional design portfolio and land a job in the field.

This workshop covers all the basics of creating a strong resume, portfolio, and cover letter, even if you have no experience in instructional design. You'll learn how to adapt your education jargon to instructional design language, how to highlight your skills and accomplishments, and how to use keywords that match job descriptions.

Successful instructional designers possess a range of skills, from web design to project management, and this workshop offers tips on how to develop these skills and showcase them in your portfolio. You'll also learn how to host your portfolio on Weebly or Google Sites, two platforms known for their customizable themes and easy-to-use templates.

Crafting a compelling cover letter is just as important as creating a strong resume and portfolio, and this workshop offers advice on tailoring your letter to each organization and making it personal. By following the tips and suggestions provided in the workshop, you'll greatly increase your chances of getting noticed and landing your dream job as an instructional designer. So don't wait any longer and take the first step towards your new career!