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Amanda Hewitt: A Journey through Instructional Design Part 2

In continuation of last week's podcast episode, Amanda discusses various topics related to learning and instructional design. She mentions a chatbot called Chit Chat, developed by OpenAI, which was found amusing by a video creator who had debates and conversations with it. Despite concerns about AI taking over jobs, the video creator reassures Amanda that it is a tool and companion, not a threat.

Amanda then talks about different ways to measure success in learning, including assessment scores, evaluation of applied learning projects, performance KPIs, and feedback from learners. She emphasizes the importance of learner feedback as it can provide valuable insights and help improve the learning experience, recommending the inclusion of optional surveys at the end of courses.

Moving on to her own reading and listening habits, Amanda mentions a trauma-related book by Dr. Peter Levine, which she is listening to for her volunteer work, and two podcasts she follows: one by Dr. Luke Hobson about ID and the other by Sarah Canestra about transitioning into the L&D space.

She advises those interested in instructional design to explore their options and start small, developing skills beyond just learning technology, and finding their own niche in the field.

Overall, Amanda provides valuable insights and advice for those interested in instructional design, emphasizing the importance of ongoing evaluation and improvement in the learning process.