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Instructional Design 101: An Interview with Dr. Luke Hobson Part 2

In continuation of last week's podcast episode about AI in education and professional development, Luke further discusses the importance of incorporating more learning strategies. He emphasizes the need to focus on research and theories to create a successful learning experience for adults. He also highlights the importance of knowing how adults learn and applying those theories to instructional design.

The conversation then shifts to the path of becoming an instructional designer, and Luke emphasizes that there is no right or wrong way to do it. He encourages individuals to follow their passions and not give up, even when facing challenges. He also mentions the importance of being able to sell their ideas and accomplishments to potential employers.

Moreover, Luke's website,, contains a wealth of free resources, including blogs, videos, and podcasts related to instructional design. He also discusses the benefits of podcasts as a medium to escape reality and further their learning in instructional design.

Overall, the conversation highlights the importance of incorporating various learning strategies and theories, knowing how adults learn, and following one's passion to become a successful instructional designer.