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Instructional Design 101: An Interview with Read Coburn Part 1

Read Coburn is an instructional designer who shares his journey in this interview, highlighting his experiences teaching English as a second language (ESL) in China. After completing his degree in English, He moved to China where he worked as an academic director and began designing course materials, sparking his interest in instructional design. He pursued a master's degree in instructional systems and learning technology after returning to the United States. Currently, He works as an instructional designer at Hilton Grand Vacations where he creates learning materials for various business units.

Read's experiences teaching ESL in China have taught him the importance of cultural understanding and adapting teaching methods accordingly to create a more inclusive and effective learning environment. He highlights the benefits of instructional design, including creating engaging and effective learning materials that cater to learners' needs and preferences. He believes that while technology can be a powerful tool in education, personal interaction and engagement should not be overlooked. His passion for creating engaging and effective learning materials, his appreciation for a supportive team and engaging work, make him a valuable member of the instructional design community.