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How Can Learner and Context Analysis' Improve Training?

Have you ever wondered how crucial it is for instructional designers to understand the knowledge that learners bring to a topic, including learning characteristics, previous experiences, and attitudes?

In this episode, we will gain a better understanding of the practice of learner analysis in instructional design. Too often, assumptions are made about learners, and designers may not fully understand the knowledge, characteristics, and attitudes their audience brings to the topic.


Essential Learning Points:

  • Why is it essential for instructional designers to understand the knowledge learners bring to a topic?
  • The significance of conducting a learner analysis when designing an online course.
  • What are the key aspects that should be included in a learner analysis?
  • How can the ARC's model of motivational design be applied to analyzing learners' attitudes?


Key Quotes:

  • "In order to apply more learner-centric techniques and develop innovative learning environments that utilize a variety of resources, it's often necessary to gather data about the learner's needs and interests, as well as key contextual factors.”
  • "A learner analysis can help make a course more productive and effective, as well as increase motivation in the learners.”
  • "Learning styles refer to how individuals learn best. The three basic learning styles and learning strategies for learners are auditory, visual, and kinesthetic.”
  • "To conduct a complete learner analysis, you must either know or gather information about your learners. This information is not always readily available.”


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