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What Should You Include When Building Your Portfolio?

Indeed, the challenge of building compelling portfolios often lies in figuring out what components should be included.

In this week’s episode, our content provides a comprehensive guide, drawing from personal experiences and insights gained from the instructional design journey. Discover the importance of a professionally designed and organized portfolio, the key components it should include, and step-by-step instructions on building standout projects, all discussed in our instructional design workshop.

Essential Learning Points:

  • How important is building your portfolio?
  • What are the key characteristics of a well-organized and professionally designed portfolio?
  • What are the common components recommended for an instructional design portfolio?
  • What is the significance of the main project in an instructional design portfolio?
  • What are the recommended hosting sites for creating instructional design portfolios?

Key Quotes:

  • “Building a portfolio is great practice for every professional, but it's a must-have in instructional design.”
  • “A good portfolio can set you apart from the rest of the candidates.”
  • Your portfolio needs to be professionally designed and organized, and each deliverable needs to be clearly and properly designed prior to presenting it to potential employers or clients.”
  • All of those small steps will add up to huge success. Go ask questions, be engaged in the forums so that you can get ideas and opinions from other people who are going through similar issues.”

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