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Why Should You Communicate With Your Learners?

Beyond the traditional role of information dissemination, communication serves as a powerful tool for building rapport, tailoring instruction to individual needs, and creating an inclusive atmosphere that nurtures intellectual curiosity.

In this week’s episode, recognize the pivotal role of communication in shaping the learning experience. We’ll discover different strategies to make communication easier and more effective.


Essential Learning Points:

  • Understand that effective communication enhances student outcomes and satisfaction in the online learning environment.
  • How is lack of personal contact with instructors a top challenge in e-learning?
  • Emphasize the need for students to have access to instructors for addressing questions, and concerns, and receiving feedback, enhancing their engagement and connection.
  • Explore strategies to enhance communication, including clear contact information, the use of announcements, active participation in discussion forums, and anticipating and addressing repeat questions.


Key Quotes:

  • “Effective communication in the online learning environment can improve student outcomes and satisfaction.”
  • “Of all the challenges in e-learning, lack of personal contact with the instructor is probably on the top of the list.”
  • “The best way to solve this problem lies in better communication amongst learners and instructors.”
  • “It is important to remember that the best objectives are explicit and exclude meanings other than your intent, such as to know versus to write.”


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