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Why You Should Surround Yourself With Successful People

Did you know that defining and effectively communicating your career goals is the key to attracting the right connections, opportunities, and support in instructional design?

In this week’s episode, uncover the secrets to success in instructional design by exploring the transformative power of surrounding yourself with accomplished professionals. Learn three essential steps to attract success in instructional design.

Essential Learning Points:

  • The importance of surrounding yourself with successful people in instructional design
  • What role does networking play in success in instructional design?
  • Three essential steps to connect with successful individuals in instructional design
  • Why is defining and communicating career goals important in instructional design?

Key Quotes:

  • "Immerse yourself in the presence of inspiring individuals.”
  • "Unlock your true potential and achieve success in your instructional design career.”
  • "Define and communicate your career goals to achieve unparalleled success.”
  • "Be authentic when interacting with others, show genuine interest in their work.”
  • "Collaborate on projects to leverage each other's strengths and enhance your portfolio.”

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