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Why Clients Aren't Hiring You for Instructional Design Work and How to Get Job Offers

Why aren't clients or hiring agencies contacting you for your freelance instructional design work?

You could have the most incredible services to offer...

Projects that you've spent tirelessly perfecting each and every element of them...

It's by far one of the most frustrating aspects of trying to find freelance or consulting work for your instructional design career and business.

But clients aren't returning your call, and you're left scratching your head, wondering why.

Well, there may be a good reason for it…

And in this week's episode, I'll help you discover what it is.

You'll hear about five common reasons why clients or hiring agencies aren't hiring you and, more importantly, ways to turn those limitations around and get those job offers to come to you instead of the other way around.

There are also some bonus networking tips in the episode that will undoubtedly help you land your next gig!


Essential Learning Points:

  • The significance of developing your professional brand
  • Why having a professionally built website attracts higher-paying clients
  • How to create unique outcomes for your potential clients
  • Being strategic and doing your research about what clients are looking for


Key Quotes:

"Successful instructional design freelancers and consultants always network and create those life-lasting profitable relationships."

"Freelance and consulting instructional design clients hire you for your outcomes, not your skills."


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