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8 Tips for Achieving Career Success in Freelance Instructional Design

Most freelance instructional designers fail because they go into it without changing their mindset first.

Removing the mental limitations that are holding you back from success will help you to overcome all sorts of challenges in your business and career.

In this week's podcast episode, learn eight tips for adopting a success-driven mindset that will help inspire and prompt you to start seeing opportunities everywhere.


Essential Learning Points:

  • How to have a clear understanding of your worth and value and a firm grasp on what others are willing to pay for your services
  • Training your mindset not to let challenges deter you from your goals
  • The benefits of being part of a network that brings you the resources, inspiration, and connection you need to build a thriving instructional design career and business


Key Quotes:

"How you perceive and interpret events and process information, your emotions, and the toxic people you bring into your life are all factors that influence your success."

"Presenting yourself as an employee looking for work makes you feel the need to approach every business or company as an opportunity that you should be grateful for instead of looking at it as a way of finding mutually beneficial gains from the relationship."


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