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4 Top Engagement Strategies for Instructional Designers

Do you need help with designing eLearning courses that keeps the learners engaged in the content? 

There are many ways in which instructional designers and course creators can create more interactive and engaging eLearning content.

I will discuss with you tried and true tips on how to keep the learners successfully mastering the content in their courses.

1. Teamwork Strategies

Assign simple early projects to learners teams to test the groups on how well they are working together. This way you can weed out the learners who don’t contribute, and place them into a new group of their own.

This can help salvage the learners who are actively participating in the course.


2. Evaluations

Collect formative and summative feedback regularly from learners to check on how things are going.

This can help evaluate learner satisfaction and the effectiveness of specific assignments or resources.


There are many ways that you can collect this type of feedback including:

  • peer review and self-evaluations
  • online suggestion boxes
  • one-minute written reflections
  • polls
  • surveys
  • focus groups



3. Social Presence

It is important that social presence is provided to learners in the online learning environment and that the instructor always keeps a positive attitude.

Direct feedback should be given to all learners, addressing them as individuals and by name. It's also important that learners’ questions or concerns get responded to within 24 hours.

In addition, social presence can be emphasized using personal made videos and audio messages.


4. Post Grades Regularly

It's also important that the instructor posts learners’ grades within a week of submitting them. This is especially important in an online course to help keep learners on the same page with how they’re currently doing, which in turns can aid in retaining learners in the class.

One of the biggest challenges in designing online courses is making the content engaging to the learners. I hope that this list has helped you come up with some more effective ideas on how to design more engaging eLearning content.



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