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Instructional Designer Roles and Responsibilities

Instructional designers and course creators need to possess a versatile skillset in order to create effective eLearning courses and materials to meet their intended goals.

That's why in today's blog post I'm going to tell you about the super powers every excellent instructional designer needs to have...

Instructional designers are integral and necessary to the success in the eLearning space.

They use theory and research to design and develop materials that teach and train specified groups of people, from kids in school to professionals in the workplace.

Instructional designers and course creators work with subject matter experts, a diverse range of formats, and multimedia production platforms.


Common Tasks of an Instructional Designer

  • Write and develop learning objectives
  • Organize, write, and shape content from a subject matter expert into different lessons or modules
  • Ensure the content matches the given objectives
  • Structure content and activities to maximize learning
  • Develop assessments
  • Revise and rewrite scripts using content from a subject-matter expert to put them into learner-friendly language
  • Create the layout of instructional materials
  • Develop audio, visual, and interactive media
  • Storyboard content
  • Plan and create learning activities, knowledge checks, and assessments
  • Create visual aids, student guides, instructor guides, or training manuals to accompany the content
  • Collaborate with team members

Conduct any research required to design and develop the materials

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